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How to get Starcoins in MSP for free

I think everybody it’s looking for a easy and free method to generate a lot of Stracois in MSP , but it’s very hard to get it because you can’t hack this game like in other games using Cheat Engine , that’s why a lot of people tried to make a working hack for this game but just only a few had success but they are all private so you can’t get a working hack only typing on Google so that’s why we crated the best and the only public MSP hack . But are going to limit this tool because a lot of people started to abuse it for example last month somebody generated over 1 million Starcoins and our server crushed and we payed over 200$ to fix the problem . So we limited this software to generate only 100.000 Starcoins / day if you need more coins than this tool will not help you , also we limited this tool to 1 IP / account you can’t generate for multiple account starcoins only for 1 account .

It’s safe to use this hacking tool ?

Yes , it’s 100% safe to use it after more than 6 months of testing we can asure you that this tool will not generate any problem to your account because we tested this software on more than 500 accounts and no one were banned until now , we worked about 3 months to make this app secure because you don’t want to get banned using this app . Also we have the proxy support if you need to hide your identity you can easly do it with this support , please note that if you are using the proxy mode you might need to wait more to get credited with starcoins .

Some accounts that after we generated some coins to them :

urlSo do you want that your account to be like that you just need to download it using the button below and you are done you will only need to unzip the .rar , start the program and add how many starcoins do you need and hit the generate button . It’s very simple even a 5 years boy can do it , we also included a video tutorial how to use this hack , because we need to be sure that you will not do something wrong . And like i said before don’t try to fool us , to generate a lot of starcoins because we are going to ban you . Also we founded a working online generator , with this MSP hack you can easly add a lot of starcoins , please note that we didn’t tested this tool so it’s safer to download our tool . (more…)